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A deposited plan is a plan of survey, or compilation which has been lodged with NSW Land Registry Services (LRS). It defines the boundaries of a plot of land notated upon a certificate of title. Plans of subdivision, redefinition, delimitation, consolidation, leases greater than five years and some easements all require a Deposited Plan which is prepared by a Registered Surveyors and suitable for Lodgement at the LRS.

ARP Surveyors offer this service, along with the accompanying required documentation to have your boundaries changed according to your needs. We have on hand practical documents to help you along the way to follow the step by step process required when registering a new Deposited Plan from the initial concept thought through to the final registration of your plan

Attached is an example of a two-lot subdivision completed by the ARP team for another satisfied client.

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Popular amongst the sale of property for solicitors and conveyancers, an identification survey is a must if you are purchasing or selling a property. An identification Survey is completed over the Certificate of Title. It will locate the boundaries of the parcel of land, and any improvements (Structures and fencing) upon the land. Distances from the walls of the structures to the boundary will be reported on orthogonally. It will also identify any easements, covenants or restrictions endorsed upon the Certificate of Title.

Identification surveys are often a requirement of an Occupation Certificate from council when a major renovation has taken place and a development application has been approved. This illustration of an identification survey completed by ARP

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A detail survey is required for an architect or drafts persons to be design improvements to an existing home, or the design on a new home. A detail survey will identify all of the significant feature upon a lot of land, including but not limited to, structures, trees and hard stand areas. It will also locate neighbouring structures and their windows as can be seen on the survey completed by the ARP team. These surveys include heights on Australian Height Datum (AHD).

An example of a detail survey completed on the Northern Beaches can be seen here locating all the significant points on the subject and neighbouring land. If you wish to have us complete a detail for your property contact us today.

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